Our History

The beginnings of Franklin Street Bakery can be traced back to the pastry kitchen of one of the restaurants owned by current bakery owners Wayne Kostroski and Mark Haugen. The restaurant had gained a reputation for developing great breads and pastries that soon were requested by other Minneapolis restaurants, hotels and retail stores.
Franklin Street Bakery - Minneapolis, MN
As the business continued to grow, it became evident that a dedicated production facility was required. That move took place in 1994 and Franklin Street Bakery was officially launched. Continued growth soon necessitated a larger production space. In 2003, FSB moved into its current facility, a state of the art, temperature-controlled facility that tripled the company’s production capabilities.

The new facility allowed the bakery to complete the transition from a fresh, daily-delivered business model to a dedicated frozen line of high quality products that could be distributed to a broadened customer base. Today, we continue our time-honored tradition of providing our customers with baked goods of unsurpassed quality that are produced by our dedicated employees.

Mission Statement

We exceed customer expectations by crafting baked goods of unsurpassed quality, produced within a culture of professional trust, respect and integrity.

Wholesale, Contract, and Private Label

Franklin Street Bakery’s products are distributed fully baked and frozen, simplifying preparation by thawing and serving. Our frozen bread program allows restaurateurs to:

  • Minimize waste, pulling only what’s needed
  • Ensure maximum freshness
  • Eliminate most product damage during shipment versus fresh-daily delivery
  • Provide greater flexibility in the event of demand spikes

Our R&D team has successfully launched numerous custom and co-pack products. Our ability to create custom products, combined with a mindset to continually be innovative, has spelled success both internally and for our co-pack partners. Our capabilities include:

  • Microwavable and refrigerated formulations
  • Extended shelf-life options
  • Clean label varieties
  • Topped or fully enrobed products
  • Flexibility to customize