Our favorite recipes using Franklin Street Bakery products.

Herb Focaccia BLTA Recipe
Amp up your BLT with the Herb Focaccia Half Sheet from Franklin Street Bakery!
Tarragon Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipe
Taragon Chicken Salad Sandwich recipe, great with toasted Brioche, White, or Wheat Bread.
Cinnamon Apple Panini Recipe
A unique Panini on the Franklin Street Bakery's Cinnamon Brioche Bread.
Cinnamon Brioche Pan Bread Recipe
A hot ham sandwich on Cinnamon Brioche Bread
Blood Orange Sandwich Recipe
A fantastic sandwich featuring blood orange segments on Cranberry Wild Rice Bread.
Cranberry Wild Rice Bread BLT
A BLT on Cranberry Wild Rice Bread
Hoagie on White or Potato Hoagie
Use the Franklin Street Bakery white or potato hoagie for this gourmet salami sandwich
Savory French Toast
An incredible French Toast variety using Franklin Street Bakery's award-winning sourdough bread.
Greek Turkey Burger on Egg Bun
Greek turkey burger recipe on Franklin Street Bakery egg bun
Rye Bread Recipes
Who needs the 'Luck of the Irish' when you have Franklin Street Bakery Rye breads?
French Toast Recipe : Franklin Street Bakery
French toast recipe from Flavor & The Menu.